Empedocles was clearly the guy everyone wanted to show up at someone else’s party, but never to their own. I can see the ancient Greeks at their ancient Greek parties either groaning because the man who thought he was a god had arrived, or I can see other Greeks getting excited to see what hilarity Empedocles would think of next (after all, a man who truly thought he was a god was probably quite funny in his arrogance). 

Despite that, Empedocles figured out the law of conservation of mass long before anyone else seems to have done so. He said: “Fools. For their thoughts are not far-reaching–those who expect that there comes to bee what previously was not, or that anything perishes and is completely destroyed.” (B11). In B14 and B16 he says similar things. 

He has some interesting ideas about love and strife as well, but I think the most interesting thing about him would clearly have been hanging out with him at a party and saying: “Hey, Empedocles, that guy over there thinks you’re a fake. Are you just going to take that?” And seeing his response. 

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  1. Anne-Marie Schultz said:

    Yes, he is definitely on my list of famous dead people to have dinner with.

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